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Mosaic is a method of classifying consumers that has been applied to more than 20 countries throughout the world. Each country classification is unique and is intended to reflect the distinctive socio-demographic lifestyles of consumers in that region.

However, Experian has realised that there are neighbourhood types that are common across many regions of the world. For example neighbourhoods of sophisticated, international world's households. It is based on a simple proposition that the world's cities share common patterns of residential segregation.

Using local data from 16 countries and statistical methods, Experian has identified ten distinct types of residential neighbourhood, each with a distinctive set of values, motivations and consumer preferences, which can be found in each of the countries.

Using these 10 groups, an increasing number of global organisations are identifying their customersĀEcommon demographic and lifestyle characteristics across all of the markets in which they operate. Mosaic Global provides organisations with a consistent framework to profile, identify and target customers, and offers an effective method to ensure consistency of communication throughout the world.