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Mosaic Japan is a new consumer segmentation system that classifies each one of Japan's 127.4 million consumers into one of 50 distinct consumer segments. The system has been developed by Acton Wins in partnership with Acton International, and Experian a leading global provider of consumer classifications. Experian has been developing consumer segmentations for over 20 years. Mosaic Japan takes its place amongst a global network of Mosaic consumer classifications that cover 25 countries and classify over a billion consumers worldwide.

Mosaic Japan

Mosaic Japan is a geodemographic segmentation. It classifies consumers according to the type of neighborhood in which they live, and is based upon the well established principle that when people are deciding where to live they naturally prefer to live amongst people with similar demographics, lifestyles and aspirations to their own.

First created over 20 years ago by Professor Richard Webber, a world leading authority on consumer segmentation, this technique has since been verified and applied throughout the world by many commercial and public sector organizations, where it forms an essential part of their marketing to consumers and individuals. Mosaic Japan classifies consumers into 50 neighborhood types aggregated into 11 groups.

It has taken over two years to build by a development team of over 30 researchers, demographers, analysts, statisticians and consultants. The result is a classification that provides a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the socio-demographics, lifestyles, culture and behavior of consumers in Japan.